b. 1965 Sumatra, Indonesia

Husin Hasibuan, who has devoted nearly half of his lifetime to the arts, is a surrealist painter with staggering and unique depiction of stone. In the 80s, it was surrealism’s golden era in Indonesia; and many artists were excited to delve into the field of this unconventional art movement. Husin was not an exception. Not only was he infatuated with its experimental tenets, but also it was the artist’s determination to break away from the typical stereotype in Sumatra: art is created merely for decorative sake. Subsequently, his style emerged from the norm leaning towards a brand new approach. Since he graduated from the prestigious ISI Jogyakarta School of Fine Arts in 1990, the artist has actively participated in many exhibitions and received several prominent painting awards.

Once stepped inside the realm of surrealism, Husin has always strived to perfect his art. In order to achieve the clear-edged, realistic impression that his paintings possess, the artist opts for a rather special type of equipment. He removes almost all the bristles from the paintbrush, and only stops once only a few strands left. At first, it was a real challenge to tame the accuracy in movement of the fragile brush. Nonetheless, with practice comes perfection. Husin has now taken full control of his equipment, the ‘secret weapon’ to his surreal oeurves.

After decades of painting, he has now established his own artistic identity with the lyrical depiction of stone. Everything that he conceptualises, they are all ended up in a stone-like form. To him, not only stones carry great aesthetic value in them, they are the perfect allegory for the artist to convey his message as well. In one of his field trips to Sumatra, Husin was upset to witness the destruction of his hometown’s once idyllic scenery. As a result, he transfers his frustration on human’s ignorance, and his lamentation on the gradual vanishing of the greenery. In addition, when he brings the appearance of crevices to the scene, it is Husin’s intention to express that no matter how strong one is, someday he will collapse. Each of his artworks exemplifies the artist’s eyes for details and his mastery in portraying cracking surface.



1988 – Award Pratisara Affandi Adi work of ISI

1986 – Best Work of Oil Painting ISI

1981 – Painting Competition Winner Se Labuan Batu Junior District, North Sumatra province



Solo Exhibition “Narrative Flowers and Stones”, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta

Solo Exhibition “The Power of the Dream”, Golden Pillar Gallery, Magelang



Art Jakarta, Art Xchange Gallery, The Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta

Art Expo Malaysia Plus with Art Xchange Gallery, MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
“WhArt Now?” Traveling Exhibitions with Art Xchange Gallery, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta; Galeri Prima, Kuala Lumpur; Art Xchange Gallery, Singapore
Bazaar Art Jakarta with Art Xchange Gallery, The Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta

Art Expo Malaysia Plus, Art Xchange Gallery, MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Bazaar Art Jakarta, Art Xchange Gallery, Pacific Place, Jakarta
Art expo New York, Art Xchange Gallery, Pier 94, New York
Asia Contemporary Art Show, Art Xchange Gallery, The Conrad, Hong Kong

Art Expo Malaysia, Art Xchange Gallery, MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Bazaar Art Jakarta, Art Xchange Gallery, Pacific Place, Jakarta
Art Apart Fair, Art Xchange Gallery, PARKROYAL on Pickering, Singapore

Exhibition of Indonesian Visual Art “EPOSIGNS” 25th ISI, Jogja Expo Centre, Yogyakarta

Art Exhibition “ANIMAL KINGDOM, The Last Chronic”, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta

Group Exhibition “Borobudur”, Lasting Gallery, Magelang

Exhibition “Group of 85″, Student Centre Building, Magelang

Art Exhibition “GIFTS”, ISI

Group Exhibition, Solo
Art Exhibition “II HIMA”, Solo
IV Anniversary Exhibition, ISI
Exhibition “goodwill PRIME”, Karta Pustaka, Yogyakarta

III Anniversary Exhibition, ISI

Art Exhibition “HIMA I”, ISI
Exhibition of Fine Arts, Mojokerto