b. 1981 The Netherlands

Cherish our planet, that is what motivates Peter Odekerken. A self-taught photographer from the Netherlands, Peter aims to bring the beauty of the outside world to the inside of interiors, encapsulating the essence of a particular moment in time. He likes to capture the raw spirit of landscapes devoid of human presence, which in his opinion adds more character and tranquility to the atmosphere.

Peter’s images are 100% real. He employs sophisticated techniques such as long exposure and high dynamic range to give the photos a surrealistic look. This way, he can bring the audience a recognizable scenery that is in some way more beautiful than reality – something that cannot be seen with our naked eyes. This is what makes his photography true pieces of art.

Peter would often travel to remote locations and work under challenging conditions to realize his artistic vision. Some of his works require months of planning and preparations in order to execute them perfectly. For him, photography is a passion and a spiritual journey that he would not trade for anything else in the world.


“We are all very lucky to live on such a stunningly beautiful blue planet, with many different components coinciding to make all of this possible. It is that beauty that we should all cherish” 



RFA Fine Art Gallery, Miami, USA

Ocean & Forest Fine Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, USA

Aggie Hendrikx Fine Art Gallery, Roermond, The Netherlands

Signet Fine Art Gallery, London, England

Naurelle Luxury, West Hollywood, USA

Hemelaer Interior, Antwerp, Belgium

9th Street luxury, San Francisco, USA

MGME Luxury, Dubai, UAE